Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bellydance Show

All right! The belly dancers put on a fantastic show last night, and I secured some good imagery from it! Sadly, I'm still having issues with my D200, so the photos did not come out to the quality I would have liked. I have also come to the conclusion that if I am going to continue pursuing event photography, I am going to need to save up for either a faster lens, or a very nice flash unit.

The biggest issue I faced last night, aside from the camera issues (the sensor is not what it's supposed to be), was the stage lighting. It wasn't all that great, but if I had had a lens that could handle it, it would have been fine. But alas, I don't have a lens like that, and on-camera flash is pretty much a no-no. Which, I had to use because I also don't have a really nice flash... yet.

My favourite photos though, were the portraits I did before hand. I am definitely stronger at portrait photography than I am with event photography, and I know this. The photos I captured were beautiful partly because of me, but mostly because of the make-up and hair my sister did for them. Not only is she a wonderful performer, she has a talent for cosmetology like no other I have ever seen before. At least not in person.

In the future (hopefully near) I should be photographing the entire tribe of these girls in a portrait setting, rather than an event. When that happens you will have a slew of belly dancers to look at, and all of them are gorgeous in their own way.

Belly dance truly is, and always will be, a very feminine dance. And since I am one who loves femininity for the softness and curves (I'm not a very linear person), this is an opportunity for photos that I will always try not to miss.

So, without further rambling, here are three images from the event. The first two are portraits, and the last is one of the whole tribe.

To see larger photos, please be sure to visit my website!

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