Thursday, February 18, 2010

Possible Project 52

I don't know how many of you out there reading this right now follow Project 365, so I'll explain what it is before I even get in to the meet and potatoes of this blog entry.

Project 365 is something photographers (to my knowledge)started doing. Basically, it involves taking a photo every single day for a year--hence the 365. Some photographers do great with this project, and hardly miss a day. They enjoy it, grow from it, and have a blast. Other photographers, however, find that it becomes a chore. They flounder and get behind, or they loose the passion for photography. It becomes, for them, a project where they're just taking a photograph for the sake of doing so. So depending on the type of person you are, this is either a really great project, or a really poor project.

There are tons of other 365 projects that stemmed from this as well, but I'm not going to get into those.

Me, personally, would never manage a Project 365. I am the kind of person that gets distracted too easily if I'm not on a job of some sort, and I know I'd constantly be missing days. That, and sometimes I am just not inspired to photograph anything. Usually my Idea Book can help me out, but I don't want to have to rely on that anymore than necessary.

Still, doing a project like this would be nice. And so as I was following my Twitter feeds, my good friend Scott Wood (Twitter) posted a new photo, with a tag of #IR52.

IR52 huh?

So he was doing a Project 52 instead of a Project 365, it would seem, and hey, that's not too bad. Asking him about it, he decided this was just a better fit for him.

And heck, it's a better fit for me, too.

Project 52 works like 365, only instead of taking a photo every day, you aim for one photo a week. You're still photographing consistently, but you're not burning yourself out in the process. This is also a far better idea for me, since hey, I already know I'm not disciplined enough for Project 365.

Still, I'm not entirely sure. I'm still hunting around for a stable place in this economy, and that does take priority over photography right now. Bills have to be paid.

But, just in case things do stabilize soon and I can make time for a Project 52, I have given myself the first push!

I wasn't totally in a photographic mood this evening, but I did get some beautiful roses for Valentine's Day that weren't dead yet. I'd been meaning to photograph them for a while, but I kept letting other things get in the way from the thirty minutes it'd take to set up and photograph them. Tonight finally I kicked myself in the butt and took some photos of them.

This is my end result:

To see it larger, please visit my website:
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