Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family of Four for Mom

Yesterday I did a family photograph in the home of four sons for their mother for Christmas. The oldest son actually bought his parents' house, and we photographed the four of them there to make it just that much more special to their mother.

After the family portrait, they also wanted all but one (who had a wedding earlier that year) to do individual portraits to update the ones their mother had. I was originally only commissioned to do two instead of three, but the one son brought me his school portraits. They were so horrendous (seriously, who leaves glare in glasses when it can be gotten rid of?) that they wanted to do a different one of him for their mom as well. No big deal, they were all there anyways. And I'm happy to say that mine are glare-free.

Sadly, we were unable to go outside for the portraits like we wanted, since it was a pretty windy day; and once the winds are in excess of 40mph, we just don't go outside for photos. Honestly, the wind was bad enough that a gust hit my car while I was driving over to the home, and almost blew me off the road. Definitely not the kind of day to be outside.

Overall though it was a very enjoyable session. Everyone was very excited and happy to be there, and they were all smiles. Especially since they were laughing at the idea of the third child being chased by a duck-bill platypus. Hey, whatever gets the smile I say! And I have to admit, the idea really is funny.

The prints have been ordered as well, and I know the boys are as excited for them as I am. As always I went through Adorama Pix, because their lab quality is fantastic. I've never had an issue with their service, and the process is so smooth that you really are getting far more than your money's worth with them.

So now that I've blabbered on about these photos, here they are! And as always, to see larger versions, please be sure to check them out on my Website!


  1. The photos look really good! You definitely have talent at this. :)

    But I'm concerned about that twitter you posted. Yes, this is a very tough time to be job hunting. But do not let the challenges keep you depressed.
    Suicide does not solve problems, it only stops us from working through them. Working through, no matter how tough, is better.

    20 years ago, during my own very tough times, I took a vow to stay alive.
    It was not easy. Yet I'm glad I did it. When I think of all the good people I've met since then, and all the beauty I've seen, despite the hardships, that I would have missed, if I stopped short, then I'm especially glad I stayed on the planet. Please, you stay too. It will be worth it. And I speak as one who knows, from my own life.

    Blessings for you, Peg

  2. Peg-
    Thank you very much for your kind words, I do appreciate them. I count myself lucky, since I have very loving people around me who all support me when I get like that, and it always feels good to have one more.