Thursday, November 19, 2009

North Creek Studios

Yesterday I went to a client's house to photograph his glass pieces that he created via lampworking for his Etsy. Overall we photographed thirty pieces, with a total of fifty-two images that needed cropping and minor touch-ups! That's a lot of glass! Thankfully, I LOVE to photograph glass, so it was a very fun challenge!

Lampworking, for those who are curious, is the art of working under a torch (yes, fire, big flames, lol) with glass that you melt together in order to create a piece of art. In Larry's case, he finds that making pendants, marbles, and ornaments are her favourite things. He's slowly getting better at making buttons and earrings too!

I used to take lessons from Larry at his one studio in Ballston Spa (it's a part of the National Bottle Museum), but sadly life got in the way and I haven't been able to go back for about a year.

Shockingly enough, I found this whole thing through my High School portfolio class. It's a treasure among the heart of Ballston Spa. So if you're bored and in the area on the right days, reserve a spot and take a class!

The whole session with Larry at his home-studio though was very fun, and it reminded me why I love people like him so much. He has an interest in what I (as a photographer) am doing, he's an artist that truly loves what he's doing, and he's a very sweet old man that you can't help but want to get to know. Good people like that are difficult to come by.

It reminded me of back in Hallmark as well, when we were working on learning to photograph metal. Metal is a pretty difficult thing to learn to photograph, and as such most of the class was swearing to never photograph it again. And Dick Delassandro was kind enough to tell us all "Without fail, your first commercial assignment will be to photograph metal. It always is. Just watch." Well Dick, mine was glass. Looks like that makes me a winner.

Anyways, of the fifty-two images, my favourite one was of my favourite marble:

Seriously, I will own this marble some day. I fell in love with it when I photographed it. Picked it right out of a whole bunch. It's not very big (maybe about as big as a quarter), but the simplicity is stunning to me!

Here are a few of the other pieces:

I hope that you enjoy the imagery, and visit his Etsy or the National Bottle Museum to further your experience!

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